U.S. sanctions South Sudan officials responsible for sexual violence

   The United Stated has designated two South Sudanese officials for conflict-related sexual violence.
The U.S. Treasury said that James Nando, a Maj.- Gen. in the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces, and Western Equatoria Governor Alfred Futuyo “abused their positions of political and military authority.”
It said the duo carried out acts of sexual violence against citizens of South Sudan.
According to Washington, in 2021 forces loyal to Nando were responsible for at least 64 instances of rape and sexual slavery against civilians in the state of Western Equatoria.
In 2018, he was responsible for the abduction of hundreds of women and girls.
The treasury said that Nando was aware of the abuses and “did not prevent, discourage, or punish fighters responsible for sexual violence when it happened under his watch, thereby encouraging fighters to continue these abuses.”
Washington said that forces under the command of Futuyo, who is affiliated with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO), carried out attacks in Western Equatoria.
It said that attack resulted in the abduction of 887 civilians, of whom at least 43 were raped.
“We remain committed to holding perpetrators and enablers of conflict-related sexual violence accountable so long as this scourge exists,” said U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo.
South Sudan is the youngest state in the world, having only become independent from Sudan in 2011.
It is torn by bloody conflict, even though the civil war officially ended in 2018. (dpa/NAN)