German citizen with firearm arrested at U.S. embassy in Paraguay

 A German citizen has been arrested at the entrance to the United States Embassy in Paraguay’s capital, Asunción, the Police said.
According to the police, the man drove up to the embassy in an SUV on Tuesday afternoon, wearing a bullet proof vest.
Several firearms and drugs including marijuana were found in the SUV, the police chief, Gilberto Fleitas, added.
The man had initially called the U.S. Embassy in Asunción and said he was being threatened and wanted to speak to someone.
He was advised to contact the embassy of his home country, but he still went to the U.S. mission, where he asked to speak to a representative of the embassy at the entrance.
The man had applied for asylum but did not want to identify himself, Fleitas said.
Fleitas said the arrested man was probably a tractor mechanic from Independencia, a town in the south of the country dominated by German immigrants.
The man had an identity card from the local department, Guairá.
According to Fleitas, a device was also found in the car that could be used to modify a pistol so that it would fire like an automatic weapon.
Possession of handguns is not illegal in Paraguay, he said.
Police said that bullets, a drone and several unspecified electronic devices were also seized.  (dpa/NAN)