Fire consumes N2.2bn property in Osun – Fire Service


By Olajide Idowu


Osun Fire Service on Tuesday said property worth N2.28 billion were lost to fire outbreaks in the state between January and December 2022.

According to data obtained from the State Fire Service by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the losses were from 130 fire incidents that took place in the state in the year.

The data also reflected that the majority of the fire outbreaks took place between January and March, with November recording the highest property loss of N1.13 billion to seven fire outbreaks.

February recorded the highest incidents of fire outbreaks, with 47 incidents and property worth more than N674m destroyed.

Two persons, according to the data, died from the fires in September, with the months of harmattan/dry season having the highest records of fire outbreaks.

The Fire Service Spokesperson, Mr Ibrahim Adekunle, told NAN that the high number of outbreaks recorded during the harmattan/dry season was mostly due to open fire and bush burning.

He said there was nothing special that caused fire during the dry season more than the rainy season.

He said the only difference was the bush burning during the dry season, which was not applicable in the rainy season.

“Everywhere is dry during the dry season and any mistake concerning fire can lead to disaster, so people should be careful with the way they handle fire during the dry season’’.

He advised people to take precautions against fire outbreaks and always remember to switch off their electrical appliances and remove the cords from electrical sockets when there was no light and whenever they were going out.

“Parents should also avoid allowing their children into the kitchen, and also, keep fire matches away from them.

“Open fire like candle light should be avoided and flammable liquids like petroleum, diesel should not be stored at home.

“Bushes around buildings should be cleared, to avoid fire gutting your house when bushes are set on fire.

“Same should be applied to farmlands; bushes around the farm should also be cleared to provide a fire break, so that when hunters or anybody sets bushes on fire, it will not affect the farm.

“Also, fire extinguishers should be kept in the car, offices and houses to fight or tackle any form of fire when it breaks; and gas cylinders should be kept outside the kitchen, away from the burner,’’ he said.

Adekunle explained that 85 per cent of domestic fire outbreaks came from the kitchen and electrical appliances, adding that if people adhered to the cautionary directives, there would be drastic reduction of fire outbreaks (NAN)