Pope advocates regulations of Artificial Intelligence for sustainability

By Uchenna Eletuo

Pope Francis on Monday advocated for the regulations of the use of Artificial  Intelligence (AI) to foster human sustainability.

The Pope said that, the regulations for use of AI would check its wrong use capable of destroying humanity.

The cleric, a universal peace advocate, made the advocacy at a Mass to celebrate the 2024 new year, the 57 edition of World Day of Peace and to celebrate Holy Mary who doubles as the Queen of Peace.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos reports that the theme of the Papal message was “Artificial intelligence and Peace”.

The message, was relayed to faithful, by the Lagos Catholic Archbishop, Most. Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins that celebrated the Mass at the Holy Cross Cathedral Lagos.

Pope described the season of the new year as time of grace which the Lord gives everyone.

He said that, I would like to address God’s people, the various nation’s, heads of states and government, leaders of the different religions, the civil society and all the men and women of our time, in order to offer my fervent good wishes for peace.

He called on leaders to act promptly on the use of AI, saying the scriptures attests that God bestowed his spirit upon human beings so that they might have skills and understanding.

He pointed that human intelligence is an expression of the dignity with which people have been endowed by the creator.

According to him when human beings with the aid of technology endeavour to make the earth a dwelling worthy of the whole humanity that they carry out God’s plan.

“Conversely, if advancement in science and technology is making it possible to exercise hitherto unprecedented control over realty it places in human hands a vast array of options including some that may pose risks to humanity.

“The uncontrolled use of artificial intelligence is capable of distabliseing the world in every facets.

“With the regulation of its use AI will promote humanity, peace, commerce, agriculture and curtail wars in the society.

“While its abuse will endanger peace, commerce, agriculture and engulfed the world,” he said.

The Gospel preacher, noted that, artificial intelligence ought to be understood as a galaxy of different realities, said;

“We cannot presume a priori that its development will make a beneficial contribution to the future of humanity and peace among peoples.

“That positive outcome will only be achieved if we show ourselves capable of acting responsibly and respect such fundamental human values as “inclusion, transparency, security, equity, privacy and reliability.

He added that, he hoped the message, would further encourage efforts to ensure that progress in developing forms of AI would serve the course of human fraternity and peace.

He said that, it is not the responsibility of a few but of the entire human family to regulate its use.

He defined peace as the fruit of a relationship that recognises and welcome others in their inalienable dignity and of cooperation and commitment in seeking the integral development of all individuals and peoples.

He prayed that, at the start of the new year, the rapid development pertaining the use of AI would not increase cases of inequality and injustice that were the lot of the contemporary world.(NAN)