11 bodies found in Indonesian waters

At least 11 bodies believed to be refugees have been found in Indonesian waters near the country’s Aceh Province since Saturday, local media and rescuers said on Tuesday.

The finding of the bodies came after a boat carrying over 100 people sank in Aceh waters last week.

More than 75 refugees have been rescued, but dozens are reportedly missing.

Ibnu Harris Al Hussain, Chief of Banda Aceh Search and Rescue Agency of Aceh Province, said that the agency retrieved six female bodies on Monday after receiving information from local fishermen.

“We retrieved as many as 10 bodies between Saturday and Monday,’’  Hussain said.

Hussain added that another body was found in West Aceh regency.

All bodies have been buried in local cemeteries.

Meanwhile, all survivors have been sent to the country’s immigration department and are currently taking shelters in West Aceh. (Xinhua/NAN)