Several people killed in attack on Chadian security agency – Communications ministry

Several people have died as a result of an attack on buildings of the Chadian National Directorate of Security, with the country’s authorities blaming members of an opposition party for the incident, the Chadian Communications Ministry said on Wednesday.

Chad’s opposition party, the Socialist Party without Borders, has allegedly called for the assassination of the head of the Chadian Supreme Court.

However, an attempt has never been committed, the ministry said, adding that the secretary of the party, who is responsible for its funding, had been detained.

“Despite this, the situation took a dramatic turn due to the deliberate attack by his (the secretary’s) accomplices led by elements of the Socialist Party without Borders and its president, Yaya Dillo, on the buildings of the country’s national security directorate (ANSE).

“This resulted in several deaths,” the ministry said on social media.

The situation in the country is currently under control, with all those involved in the attack detained or put on the wanted list, the statement read. (Sputnik/NAN)