Military will not interfere with Nigeria’s democracy – CDS insist

By Desmond Ejibas

Gen. Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, says the military is happy and better under democracy, hence will  not act against a democratically elected government.


Musa gave said this during his operational visit and inauguration of facilities at Headquarters 6 Division of the  Nigeria Army, in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

He emphasised that the country’s democracy was achieved through great efforts, saying calls  for a military intervention by some Nigerians were unpatriotic.

“People making such calls for a military takeover do not love Nigeria.

“We want to make it clear that the Armed Forces of Nigeria is here to protect democracy.

“We all want democracy; we do better during democracy, and so, the armed forces will continue to support democracy,” he said.

According to him,  those advocating a coup d’état  are adversaries, who do not have the country’s best interests at heart.

“Anybody calling for anything other than democracy is evil and does not wish us well.

“We can see that with democracy a lot of things are happening in Nigeria. Yes, we are going through a trying period, but in life, nothing is 100 per cent.

“Everybody (country) went through trying periods, and it is what you do with them (that matters),” he added.

The military chief stated that the government had initiated actionable measures to address the array of challenges facing Nigerians.

He emphasized that instead of calling for a military takeover, all citizens should rally behind the government to resolve the present circumstances.

“It is when you go through difficulties, and you come out of it better, that you will truly appreciate what it is to build a nation.

“The country is going through its trying period, but I can assure Nigerians that the situation will get better.

“All we need is to unite and work together to defeat enemies of the government and country, those  who do not want us to succeed,” he stated.

Musa pledged the military’s loyalty to the government,adding the armed forces would preserve peace and order in the country. (NAN)