U.S. embassy in Baghdad confirms missile attack


 Two rocket salvos were fired at the U.S. embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Friday, according to a U.S. embassy spokesman.

An embassy spokesman said there were no casualties and said they were investigating the incident.

There are indications that pro-Iranian militias were behind the attack.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

“We again call on the Iraqi government to do everything in its power to protect the personnel and facilities of diplomats and coalition partners,” the spokesman said.

He referred to the right to self-defence.

The US State Department in Washington also condemned the attack and called on the Iraqi security forces to immediately investigate who was behind it and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“The many Iran-aligned militias operating freely in Iraq threaten the security and stability of Iraq, our people and our partners in the region,” a ministry spokesman said.

Iraqi security sources had previously reported that several rockets had been fired at the area surrounding the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

According to reports from the Arabic television station Al Arabiya, up to 14 rockets were fired.

Since the outbreak of the Gaza war, pro-Iranian militias in Iraq have increasingly attacked U.S. military bases in Syria and Iraq in response to the Israeli military operation.

The U.S. Department of Defence said there have been at least 78 attacks on U.S. bases in Iraq and Syria since mid-October.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani condemned the act.

He said the attackers were jeopardising Iraq’s internal security.

He gave the order to search for the perpetrators. (dpa/NAN)