Nigerians’ pasta consumption surges by 320% in 1 year – Glovo

By Rukayat Moisemhe
Nigerians’ pasta consumption has increased by 320 per cent in the last one year, insights by Glovo Nigeria reveals.
According to Mrs Lamide Akinola, General Manager, Glovo Nigeria, on Wednesday in Lagos, Nigeria also witnessed a 320 per cent increase in pasta units delivered via Glovo.
This development, she said,  makes the country the third-fastest-growing country in the world for pasta consumption behind Kyrgyzstan and Tunisia.
Akinola noted that in the past year, Glovo delivered one pasta dish every four minutes, unveiling the nation’s deep-seated love for the cherished Italian dish.
She noted that in spite of its Italian origins, pasta has captured the hearts of Nigerians with its taste and versatility.
According to her, the top five most consumed pasta recipes in Nigeria include:
Stir-Fried Pasta (with Nigeria ranking #1 globally at 97% consumption), Salad Pasta,
Beef Pasta, Jollof Pasta (with Nigeria ranking #1 globally at 96% consumption) and Chicken Pasta.
“As the world comes together to celebrate World Pasta Day, Glovo has recorded an impressive delivery rate of one pasta dish every four minutes.
“This data unveils the nation’s deep-seated love for this cherished dish.
“Glovo also witnessed a 173 per cent surge in customers placing pasta orders, making Nigeria the leading country globally in terms of the frequency of pasta purchases,” she said.
The Glovo MD disclosed that lunchtime took the crown as the preferred time for pasta consumption among Nigerians.
She noted that with a 27 per cent increase compared to the global trend, 12 pm appeared as the highest pasta consumption time, signifying a lunchtime affinity.
This, Akinola said, was a unique difference from the global trend where pasta peaks during dinner hours, typically around 8 pm.
“Pasta consumption is notably linear throughout the week, with Thursday emerging as the peak day, accounting for 16 per cent of the weekly consumption.
“Interestingly, weekday consumption (Monday to Friday) surpasses weekend consumption by 28 per cent.
“In terms of cities, Lagos Island ranks first with 39 per cent of the total pasta consumption (units) delivered via Glovo, followed by Lagos Mainland with 25 per cent.
“The most expensive pasta order placed was by a user on Glovo Bargain, the Glovo-owned supermarket, amounted to N192,300,” she said.
Akinola expressed delight at the astounding growth in pasta consumption on the Glovo platform, saying the partnerships within the pasta category have thrived, with a 239 per cent increase in partners offering pasta-related products.
This partnership growth, she said, extends significantly to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) underscoring Glovo’s commitment to supporting local businesses.
“This reiterates our dedication to not only providing a wide range of options to our customers but also in nurturing and empowering local businesses.
“We believe that Glovo plays a vital role in connecting Nigerians with the flavors they love and in facilitating the growth of our partners, whether they’re established restaurants or emerging SMEs,” she said.(NAN