Israeli UN ambassador wears Nazi-era yellow star, mocks Security Council

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations caused a stir by wearing a yellow star on his jacket at the UN Security Council on Monday.

Gilad Erdan and his staff pinned yellow Stars of David with the inscription “Never Again’’ on their lapels as they attended a meeting of the most powerful UN body.

The stars were reminiscent of those Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi dictatorship.

Erdan said he would wear the star, just like his grandparents and the grandparents of millions of Jews.

He told the Security Council, just like my grandparents and the grandparents of millions of Jews.

From now on my team and I will wear yellow stars.

“We will wear the star until you condemn the atrocities of Hamas.

“And demand the immediate release of our hostages.’’

In his speech, Erdan compared Israel’s ground offensive in the Gaza Strip with the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944.

He mocked the UN Security Council, saying that if it had existed on June 6, 1944, also known as D-Day.

There would probably also have been a heated debate about how much electricity and fuel the citizens of Munich still had.

Erdan was responding to worldwide concerns that more civilians might die in Gaza, in addition to the thousands already killed.

He stressed that comparing the death toll on both sides after the devastating massacre in Israel by Islamist Hamas on Oct. 7, was as inadmissible as comparing German and British casualties in World War II.

He compared the demand for a ceasefire in the Middle East with the demand for a ceasefire before the Russians recaptured Stalingrad in 1943. (dpa/NAN)