Impeachment: Ajulo calls for ceasefire, reconciliation amid ongoing plot against Ondo Deputy Gov.


By Femi Ogunshola

Dr Kayode Ajulo (SAN), a constitutional lawyer, has appealed to stakeholders and elders in the state to intervene and resolve the looming impeachment threat against the Deputy Governor of Ondo State.

Ajulo said this in a statement in Abuja on Sunday against the backdrop of the political turmoil gripping Ondo State.

He said the unfolding crisis has cast a shadow over the state’s political landscape and disrupted its governance, particularly due to the extended absence of Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu.

He added that this is coupled with the ongoing impeachment proceedings against the Deputy Governor, Mr Lucky Aiyedatwa.

Ajulo said he believed in Ondo State’s inherent ability to overcome these challenges independently.

He, therefore, urged key stakeholders to establish a reconciliation committee aimed at restoring stability to the state and the welfare of its citizens.

“This intervention is necessary following my interactions with several stakeholders in the State in recent times, which indicated that there is room for reconciliation of issues.

The calls for this have been from within and outside of the country. Everyone is watching, and no sensible and reasonable soul and a patriotic citizen could ignore the palpable development in the State.”

He said the State needed to move forward to ensure that the welfare, well-being, and security of the people of the state were paramount.

Ajulo said that the protracted challenges faced by Ondo State are adversely affecting its citizens’ well-being and hampering overall progress.

He said, while governance continues, conflicting interests had created hurdles for the state.

To address this crisis, Ajulo called for the establishment of a reconciliation committee, comprising representatives from both the political class and the public.

He proposed a committee composition that includes respected state elders, former leaders, religious figures, and representatives of the youth and women.

Ajulo vehemently opposed the notion of external intervention, adding that Ondo State must take the lead in resolving its internal issues.

He warned against allowing the National Assembly to step in, as this could impede the state’s development.

He urged all stakeholders to heed the call for a reconciliation committee as a sign of their deep commitment to the state’s well-being.

He added that this was an appeal for a peaceful, state-led solution to the challenges facing Ondo State. (NAN)