U.S. delivers relief supplies to Libya’s disaster areas

 The U.S. has provided relief supplies for the victims of the flood disaster in Libya, the U.S. embassy in the North African country said.
The supplies, which came through the U.S. government foreign aid program USAID, include emergency shelters, blankets, hygiene articles, plastic sheets and water containers, the embassy said on the online platform X, formerly known as Twitter.
The aid supplies from a U.S. warehouse in Dubai arrived in the port city of Benghazi and were to be distributed to people in need by the UN Organisation for Migration (IOM) and other aid organisations.
At the beginning of the week, the U.S. had announced further aid of 11 million U.S. dollars.
A powerful storm known as Daniel hit the North African country on September 10.
Two dams broke in the mountains above the port of Derna, washing away large areas of the city of around 100,000 people.
In the past few days, conflicting figures have emerged from the politically divided nation about the death toll from the floods.
No fewer than 4,000 dead bodies have been identified so far, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
However, rescue workers fear that thousands more would be recovered from under the debris in the mud. (dpa/NAN)