Apple disputes French findings, says iPhone 12 meets radiation rules

San Francisco, Sept. 14, 2023 (Xinhua/NAN) Apple has disputed the findings of France’s regulator claiming iPhone 12 emits electromagnetic radiation above standard for exposure.
The discontinued smartphone, which was first released in 2020, has a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) that is above the European Union standard of 4 watts per kilogram, according to France’s National Frequency Agency (ANFR).
Corrective updates to iPhone 12 should be made, or Apple would have to recall phones, ANFR said earlier on Tuesday.
Apple in a statement argued that iPhone 12 is certified by multiple international bodies and recognised as compliant with all applicable SAR regulations and standards in the world.
“Apple has provided ANFR representatives multiple Apple and independent third-party lab results proving its compliance,” it noted.
The ANFR tested 141 phones and found that iPhone 12 was more than 40 per cent above the legal limit for SAR, according to the report.  (Xinhua/NAN)