Nigerian student arrested in UK over sexual harassment of minors

A Nigerian student, Cyril Kenneth, who arrived in the United Kingdom in February has been arrested by the police for allegedly attempting to sexually harass minors in the Belfast province of the country.

In a video posted by Far and Wide TV on Youtube with the caption, “Nigerian man arrested in UK for dating children”, Kenneth was being interviewed and he confessed to chatting the children between the ages of 14 and 15.

The police confirmed that there was evidence of him grooming and sexually harassing the young girls.

While confessing, Kenneth said, “We chat, I asked if they liked me, and I ask about their age. They told me 14.

“They are just two and we began talking after I got here because I was bored and new to the country.
“I always asked if their mothers were at home to be sure of the kind of messages I send to them,” he added.

In the text messages he sent to the victims, Kenneth sent his unsolicited indecent pictures, asked some of them for their house addresses, and invited one of them to his house for sex, among other disturbing messages.

The suspect, however, blamed the crime on temptation from the devil while appealing for mercy and promising to desist from such an act.

He was subsequently handed over to the police for further investigation and possible prosecution.