China’s registered organ donors exceed 6m


The number of registered organ donors in China reached nearly 6.2 million with the number of annual organ transplants continuing to rank the second-highest in the world, the China Daily reported on Monday.

The majority of registered donors were young and middle-aged adults, aged 45 and below,head of the China Organ Donation Administrative Centre, Hou Fengzhong said.

This Hou said is administered by the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC), was quoted as saying.

The news report cited that data released by the RCSC, was nearly 1.54 million people had registered as organ donors in 2022, compared with around 1.52 million in 2021 and 1.01 million in 2020.

China began a voluntary organ donation trial program in 2010 and voluntary posthumous donation became the only legal source of organ transplants in the country in 2015, the news report added.

According to news report the programme has conducted 135,000 organ transplants involving about 44,000 posthumous organ donors in 13 years.(Xinhua/NAN)