Afghan refugees set for eviction from British hotels – Report

In Britain, thousands of Afghan refugees are reportedly set for eviction from hotels, under the new government plans.

The Times newspaper on Tuesday reported that the government would announce later that Afghan refugees, between 8,000 and 9,000 who are currently living in hotels in Britain, will be given a few months’ notices before being moved out.

The news is likely to spark concerns that some Afghan refugees could become homeless.

According to the paper, the plan will not apply to asylum seekers housed in hotels by the Home Office.

The move, due to be announced by veterans minister Johnny Mercer, will reportedly see refugees offered a property, although those who fail to take up the offer ahead of a deadline will be asked to vacate their hotel.

Meanwhile, the details are expected to come as part of an announcement to the Commons later, with Mercer set to tell MPs that the Government will find permanent homes for refugees.

Thousands of Afghan refugees arrived in the UK following the Taliban takeover and the fall of Kabul in 2021.

However, figures provided to the Commons Home Affairs Committee in 2022 show that 5.6 million pounds sterling (6.8 million dollars) a day was being spent on hotels for people who have arrived in the UK and have submitted an asylum claim, with 1.2 million pounds paid to house Afghan refugees who fled the Taliban. (dpa/NAN)