Chinese tech giant Huawei joins global digital coalition

Chinese tech giant Huawei has joined the Partner2Connect (P2C) digital coalition of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), company chairman, Liang Hua, said on Wednesday.

Hua said at the 2022 Sustainability Forum that Huawei was committed to helping 120 million people in remote areas connect to the digital world by 2025.

The event explored how innovation in information and communications technology could unleash business and social value in the era of the digital economy.

“It is clear connectivity alone is not enough. It must be affordable.

“The content must be relevant and in the local language, and users must have the skills to make best use of it,” said ITU Deputy Secretary-General, Malcolm Johnson, who expressed appreciation for Huawei’s support of the P2C digital coalition.

Cao Ming, president of Huawei Wireless Solution, said the company had continuously upgraded the RuralStar and RuralLink solutions to extend quality coverage to remote areas.

The RuralStar series solutions have provided connections for more than 60 million people in remote areas in more than 70 countries.

However, Huawei said it would also work with government departments and universities in Cambodia, the first P2C partner country of the ITU, to provide 10,000 training opportunities for professionals in the next five years. (Xinhua/NAN)