World athletics championships mascot, Bigfoot’s head stolen

The head of the World Athletics Championships’ official mascot Legend, the Bigfoot, has become the subject of a police matter after it was stolen.

Police were called to Eugene’s Hayward Field after Legend’s yellow head went missing and a number of videos and photographs surfaced on social media showing people wearing it.

A spokesperson from Oregon 2022, the championship organisers, said: “this is now a police matter, and we won’t have further comments at this time.”

The mascot – a big yellow, furry, mythical creature – was chosen for the 2022 World Championships because of its legendary status in this part of the United States.

It was said that a mysterious creature roamed the region and it became known as Bigfoot.

Legend’s replacement head was used at the Eugene venue on Tuesday after the original went missing. (dpa/NAN)

•PHOTO: World Athletic Championship Mascot Legend, Bigfoot