14th leg race to Nigeria masters: Inalegwu emerges top to win tourney

George Inalegwu on Friday emerged winner of 14th leg of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament at the Arsenal Golf Course in Owerri.

Inalegwu proved why he was one of the best in the race to the Nigeria Masters tour as he dusted his very strong contenders to win the final round and make the cut.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the final round of the 14th leg saw a total of six golfers slugging it out at the lush green of Arsenal Golf course, Owerri.

Unfortunately, early leader, Uchenna Anoruo, whose hopes were high on Thursday went so low in Friday game as he fell into second place giving way for Inalegwu to bounce back to the top.

​With three over 75, Inalegwu was able to secure his position at the top as he started his game with a bogey in the 1st and 17th hole.

He also hit a birdie in the 9th, 10th 12th and 16th holes as well as a double bogey in 14th and triple bogey in 5th hole.

The 18 year-old finished with a cumulative of +9 after 72 holes (297).

“I did my best and I’m happy I came out top on the leaderboard because Golf is not an easy sport, its a game of mental gymnastics,” an elated Inalegwu told NAN after the game.

Coming second place was Anoruo who played 74 in the first round, 72 in second round and 74 in the third round to maintain the lead heading into the penultimate round.

Anoruo, however, defaulted in the final round as he went behind, giving way for his closest contender to overtake him.

His game in the final round had a combination of eight bogeys, one birdie and one double bogey which saw him coming with nine over 81, to amass a total cumulative of +13 after 72 holes (301).

Anoruo, who expressed mixed feelings after the game told NAN that although his game wasn’t so great, he was happy he didn’t go below the second place.

The 14th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters (Pro/Am) is scheduled for April 26 to April 29 at the Arsenal Golf Course, Owerri. (NAN)

•PHOTO: George Inalegwu