Aftermath of election:  Ohaneze faction emerges as Ibe, Okwukwu condemn Igariwey Committee

A faction of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has elected Chief Chidi Ibe as it’s President-General and Uche Okwukwu as the Vice-President, Rivers State.

Okwuwu in a statement described the election conducted in Owerri by the Chief Gary Igariewe-led Electoral Committee as illegal, null and void saying the committee was non-existent.

He said: “The Igariwey committee is illegal, null and void. It is a subject of litigation before an Umuahia high court and we urge Ndigbo to completely disassociate themselves from such illegality.

“Any action, commission or omission, by the Igariwey-led committee is of no consequence. Whatever emanates from it cannot stand the test of time.

“In my former position as Secretary General before the midnight of 9th January 2021 when my term constitutionally expired, I repeatedly said any Imeobi, NEC, Council of Elders or General Assembly summoned by persons other than me was illegal, null and void.

“What is frightening today is that a purported election is being conducted after the 9th January 2021 expiration of term of office of the former NEC. One wonders what the Igariwey charade is all about?

“How can an election be conducted after the expiration of term of office? Even the Nigerian state does not conduct election outside term of office of an executive.

“If what is about to happen in Owerri had happened in the larger Nigeria, Ndigbo would have condemned it”.

Okwukwu called upon Ndigbo to rally round their newly-elected President General, Chidi Ibeh, and members of his NEC.

He said: “His emergence, against threats of ostracism and violence, is a true testament that Ndigbo are a free people with the capacity to decide who leads them.

“We congratulate all Igbos, particularly those who mistakenly bought forms from the Igariwey committee to contest for offices, particularly the office of the President General, PG, and who for the greater interest of Ndigbo withdrew from the election in the face of overwhelming irregularities. We congratulate Dr Joe Nworgu, Chief Chris Asoluka and Professor Chidi Osuagwu.

“These men of honour will be remembered when the history of Ndigbo is properly written.” Nation