Prince H.O.T’s ‘Divine Leverage Team’ Empowers less privileged With Cars, other Gifts

By Patrick Imo

In Nigeria as in several other low-income countries, diet-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc are increasing in frightening rapidity, constituting a leading cause of mortality. Regrettably, ill-equipped healthcare system, near-total neglect of herbal/traditional healthcare and adverse poverty combine to compound people’s sufferings. Food supplements and herbal remedies mostly from outside our shores came to the rescue though not without severe costs on the people and the nation’s economy.

The void created by the hitherto absence of indigenous herbal formulations and their distribution through multi-level marketing was filled a few years ago with the entrance of Divine Leverage Team Limited of which Nigerians now enjoy complete indigenous herbal treatment and the proceeds from the business is retained in the country for further economic growth and sustenance.  Prince Henry Orighoye Tonwe Ateri aka ‘H.O.T, Chief Executive Officer of Divine Leverage Team Limited (DLT), a multi-level social mutual aid system (MSMS) in the business of empowering Nigerians using the power of leverage is very happy that his team have been able to break that stronghold of foreigners in our herbal healthcare sector and numerous Nigerians have benefited greatly from the efforts of his system these few years. He has, therefore, announced his company’s plans to empower some distributors of his team with 10 cars and several other gifts as part of its encouragement programme as this year draws to an end.

DLT runs in collaboration with a farmers’ multipurpose cooperative society (Divine Farmers MPCS LTD), leveraging on the productivity of its members to achieve financial freedom for themselves. The events scheduled to commence on December 17, 2019, at the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra State shall run equally in two other cities of Port Harcourt and Warri.

In an exclusive chat with Prince H.O.T, he revealed that DLT though a multi-level marketing outfit has not just come to make profit but to fill a gap in the natural health therapy sector, create employment and empowerment for the teaming unemployed citizens and also fly the Nigerian flag in the natural (herbs-based) production sector. He recalled that the DLT idea that has today manifested as a foremost indigenous health therapy multi-level production and marketing outfit started percolating right from when he was working with other foreign multi-level marketing companies.

There he discovered the gaps and numerous losses Nigeria as a country is making in the hands of these foreigners. His words “I discovered that majority of their products were such that can best be described as creating our problems to suit their products instead of creating the products to solve our problems. I then reflected on what our forefathers used in curing ailments before the advent of western medication. I then recalled a lot of things I learnt from my grandfather who brought me up having lost my mother at the age of ten. At this point, I convinced myself that, we Nigerians have all it takes here and can actually do better for our environment and peculiar needs.

Again, I discovered that there is so much economic drain in their processes. Every single kobo these foreign companies make here is transferred to their home countries the next day; never allowed to stay in this country for twenty-four hours, we, therefore, went into research and in the cause our search we meet with Mr. Clinton Odiagbe Brown CEO of Universal Alternative Therapy discoveries (UATD) herbal resources and DLT health plus was born to take care of the needs of Africans. today, among our research partners is chief, pharmacist Benjamin Amodu of Halamin herbal’s a major in both communicable and none communicable disease. Our flagship products Superdose Herbal Capsule, daabs, saabmal and saabfats; are made in Nigeria products that can take care of bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathogens and antigens all at once has placed Nigeria in the league of foremost producers and marketers of remedies of Cancer and other like killer diseases”.

Ateri said that DLT health plus is the products arm of Divine Leverage Team Ltd, a result of the synergy between DLT and Universal Alternative Therapy Discovery (UATD) Herbal Resources, Africa’s no.1 Herbal Researcher. He added that Superdose Herbal Capsule is not a drug but food supplement formulated from a collection of finest ancient African herbs, vegetables and fruits that helps users bulldoze sicknesses and diseases for healthier lives while hustling and bustling with modernity. He believes that this marriage of health and wealth which has finally blended the power of leverage with the potency of African herbs for a wonderful lifestyle engendered their emergence as one of the topmost empowerment teams in the country. He informed that their products which are 100% herbal takes care of different ailments, made from local herbs, fruits and vegetables has been in the market for over 5 years hence it has stood all tests of potency and efficiency.

Throwing further light on the oncoming events, Prince Ateri said they intend to use the occasion to let all and sundry know that each person’s success in practical in every aspect of life lie solely within him or her. Recalling how gloomy it was as he struggled through life as a small village boy and how his friends abandoned him and the business around 2013, it looked like his hope is drunk, he said life is all about how you want it to be for you. “Even after school and finding no paid job, I ventured into Multi-Level Marketing sometime in 2008, and we were to start DLT, we borrowed a mere N300,000 from a friend (which took us two years to repay) to start this venture. We were using a friend’s office around 2014, and my friend not seeing any reason to continue insisted on collecting his investments in the business and backed out. My never die spirit however made me trudged onto 2016 when the gates were opened.

The foremost of these yuletide programs holding at Onitsha shall be graced by several dignitaries drawn from the public and private sectors led by Mr James Eze, Anambra State Commissioner for Information. Various civil society groups shall also be in attendance to further encourage the downtrodden members of society.

We have lined up these programs to give back to the society that has been quite helpful and patient with us. We shall empower many out there that feel the world is coming to an end for them. We want to let them know that they can make it to the top if only they remain focused, committed and faithful to their dreams”, he concluded. The future is now