BREAKING NEWS: Protesters storm MTN Abuja Office; loot property, harass workers and customers

The office of MTN Nigeria located in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, was invaded on Thursday afternoon by a group of angry Nigerians protesting the continued Xenophobic attacks on their fellow countrymen and other Africans in South Africa, the home country of the telecoms giant.

A senior manager in the MTN Abuja Office located in the elitist Maitama district told News Express: “We had to hurriedly lock up and go home. I don’t see them as protesters but as people who came to steal and cause confusion.

“It is a case of invasion. They came, opened the gate, entered and harassed people. They stole customers’ phones; they stole the phones and laptops of staff. There were up to 30 policemen but they didn’t do anything to stop them.”

The source condemned the invasion, noting that the protesters could have made their point in a more civilised way.

He said: “Nobody is happy over what is happening in South Africa. I understand that people have the right to be angry over what is happening there but this is not the best way to go about it. They could have come here and say, “Shut down this place; you can no longer operate” but not to attack Nigerians who work here and Nigerians who came here to repair their phones.”

•Sourced from News Express.

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