Martyn Dodgson, former Deutsche Bank broker gets 4.5 years for insider trading


A former corporate broker at Deutsche Bank, Martyn Dodgson has been sentenced to a four-and-half year in prison for UK insider trading.

Dodgson, 44, once advised the UK government on its bailed-out banks.

Judge Pegden of London’s Southwark Crown Court who gave the sentence on Thursday said Dodgson had committed “a gross breach of trust.”

Financial Times reported that Dodgson was convicted earlier this week of a single count of insider trading, along with his close friend, Andrew Hind, an accountant who was once a finance director at retailer Topshop. Hind received a three-and-a-half year sentence on Thursday.

Dodgson’s is the longest jail term ever imposed for insider trading in the UK topping the four years that the former head of Blue Index, a brokerage specialising in contracts-for-difference, received for the crime in 2012.

“This was persistent, prolonged and deliberate dishonest behaviour, which you both knew, in my judgment, was criminal,” said Judge Pegden in his sentencing remarks.

*Photo shows Martyn Dodgson.

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