Zoho opens office in Nigeria, launches platform to help businesses

An IT support firm, Zoho Global Technology Company, has launched a platform to help small businesses transform digitally.

The platform tagged: Zoho Africa Digital Enabler coincided with the opening of the company’s first office in Nigeria late on Friday in Lagos. The company is based in based in Tamil Nadu, India.

The company’s President, Mr Hyther Nizam, said the company would want to explore the numerous resources in Nigeria because the country was the fastest growing digital economy in Africa.

According to him, Zoho Africa Digital Enabler is to help small businesses with up to five employees jump start their digital journey.

He said that the package would help new users of Zoho a collection of 10 leading apps, starting from July 1, for a period of three months:

“Zoho Workplace is a unified platform that brings together collaboration, productivity, and communications tools and integrate them into other business processes,” he said.

He said other units in the platform included, Zoho Mail, team chat (Zoho Cliq), online office suite (Zoho Writer), among others.

He said the Zoho Workplace was the most popular in Nigeria because it featured eight integrated apps that a hybrid team could deploy to get a job done in short time.

Nizam said that Bigin, a pipeline-centric CRM, was designed specifically to help businesses keep track of their customers and improve customer relationships without having to worry about high costs or complicated features.

The president said the platform could help businesses avoid cost fluctuations due to changing dollar value, which would be beneficial in the current turbulent economy.

”We hope that Nigerian businesses will avail this plan and fast-track their growth by leveraging cloud technology.”

“Cooperate social responsibility is rooted in the organisation and will support the government by giving back to the society.

He said that the platform could be reached through: .(NAN)