Trump commends Nigerian-born artist who drew his portrait

President Donald Trump has expressed delight at his portrait drawn by a Nigerian-born artist, creative_doks. The artist had tweeted the American president’s portrait via his Twitter handle @Doks_Art on Sunday.

The artist did not hide his ambition: “This is my second portrait of President Trump. This time, I really want him to see it,” he confessed. Explaining the details, the artist said the portrait was done in ballpoint, and that he spent about 70 hours to complete it. The size is 24×21 inches, he added; and then begged his Twitter followers to retweet his tweet until it catches the attention of the American president. On Monday, the tweet caught the attention of the president, who commended it, also via a tweet; and advised the artist to never give up his dream. Punch

Pix: The artist and the portrait