Expert warns against inserting cotton buds, foreign objects to ear

A Medical expert, Dr. Salami Rilwan has warned the public against the use of cotton buds and other foreign objects to clean the ears, saying doing such is dangerous.  Rilwan of the General Hospital, Ilorin in Kwara gave the warning in Ilorin on Thursday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN). He said the forceful use of these objects for cleaning of the ears could cause an accidental push of earwax, leading to ear damage.

“It is not ideal. Stop using objects like broom, matches or even cotton bud to remove dirt from your ear. “It is dangerous and unsafe. Parents must stop this practice in the midst of their children. You are only exposing your children to the risk of ear damage because they will practice it when you are not around.

“When you feel uncomfortable in your ear, visit an Otologist who can offer proper advice and care instead of trying hard to cause damage,” he said. The doctor, however, called on the public to stop inserting everything to the ear and learn to visit medical experts for advice.

” Self-medication is not the best for a very sensitive part of the body like the ear. “You don’t just apply anything suggested to you by friends and families. Learn to consistently visit hospitals,” he advised. Vanguard