4 DisCos exceed 50% metering of consumers in Q2, 2018 — NERC Business

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), says only four out 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in the country have metered up to 50 per cent of customers under their franchise areas. Fashola, electric meter NERC in its 2018 second quarter report published on its website also revealed that only about 45 per cent out of the total 7,476,856 registered customers had been metered by the 11 DisCos.

“It is evident that only four DisCos, namely Abuja, Benin, Eko and Port-Harcourt have metered not less than 50 per cent of their registered customers as at the end of the second quarter of 2018.’’ According to NERC, of the total 7, 973, 867, registered active electricity customers, only 3,547,129 have been metered. NERC said 55.5 per cent of end-use customers were still on estimated billing methodology. It said in comparison to the preceding quarter, the number of registered customers increased by 9.32 per cent, while the metered customers increased by 3.3 per cent . NERC said the increase in registered customer population was as a result of the ongoing customer enumeration exercise by DisCos. The commission said the exercise had helped DisCos to properly register individuals who have previously consumed electricity through illegal connection to the networks. It, however, said in spite of growth inthe number of metered customer total meters deployed by DisCos during the quarter was significantly lower than the expected quarterly metering deployment under the performance agreement.

“Whereas the performance agreement with the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) envisaged deployments of 1,640,411 per annum, that is quarterly average of 410,103, only 113,126 meters were installed by DisCos during the [eriod under review.’’ It listed the metering status of electricity customers by DisCos in the quarter to include: Kano 20 per cent, Yola 21 per cent, Kaduna 28 per cent, Jos 35 per cent. Enugu 35 per cent. Others are, Ibadan 43 per cent, Ikeja 49 per cent, Eko 50 per cent, Abuja 54 per cent, Benin 64 per cent, and Port-Harcourt 68 per cent respectively. On customers complaints, NERC said DisCos nationwide received a total of 153,227 complaints as against 108,871 complaints received in the first quarter of 2018. It said the proportion of the number of complaints resolved by DisCos reduced to 61.2 per cent from the 66.9 per cent recorded in the first quarter “

Benin DisCo had the highest number of complaints followed by Ikeja DisCo, on the other hand, Yola DisCo recorded the lowest number of complaints. “Yola, Kano, Jos and Abuja DisCos, recorded a higher rate of over 90 per cent of complaints resolved, reflecting better performance in dealing with customer complaints compared to other distribution companies.’’ The Commission said the customer complaints centered on service interruption, poor voltage, load shedding, metering, estimated billing, disconnection, delayed connection, among others. “Majority of the DisCos received huge number of complaints on each of the afore-mentioned key issues.’’ NERC howeve,r said Jos and Kano DisCos received just one complaint each on load shedding, while Jos and Yola DisCos had one complaint each on delayed connection. Vanguard