Manufacturers threaten to sue Kwara over 22nd tax

There seems to be no love lost between the manufacturers in Kwara and the State Government over the plan of the government to introduce new tax called manufacturers processing levy bill which the manufacturers consider too many.

While the businessmen have threatened to relocate to other states or sue the government, the governor has insisted he has done enough to provide a conducive environment for various tax holidays.

The Kwara State Government had, in order to further increase its internally generated revenue, sent a bill known as the Manufacturers Processing Levy Bill, to the state House of Assembly where a public sitting was held to get the input of the stakeholders.

Members of the state chapter of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, who believe they will be mostly affected by the bill, were not satisfied with the outcome of the hearing.

At a press conference, they described the State Government’s move as an effort to kill businesses.

The bill, they argued, did not have the inputs of professional bodies as required by law, wondering why enabling environment was not created by the government before introducing another tax despite paying 21 taxes.

They wondered why an enabling environment was not created by the government before the introducing another tax, even though they were already paying 21 taxes.

While pleading with the State House of Assembly not to pass the bill, the manufacturers said it could lead to the relocation of their businesses to nearby states.

Reacting to the plea of the manufacturers in a meeting with journalists to mark the 50th anniversary of the state, the Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed denied introducing new tax adding that no multiple taxations in the state but increased efficiency in the collection.

Commenting on the proposed bill, he asked those against it to wait for the outcome of the deliberations as the state legislature and the government have provided an enabling environment for businesses to grow in the state. (Channels TV)

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