Kids Say the Darndest Things begins season 2 broadcast

The broadcast of the season two of Nigeria’s leading family TV series, Kids Say the Darndest Things took off at the weekend on both terrestrial and satellite TV stations.

The season two premiere broadcast was full of wits, comic, surprises and excitement as the host, Tony Okungbowa, took the children through different segments of the show.

Sponsored by telecommunications operator, Etisalat Nigeria, the Outstanding Kids Segment which is powered by Cliqlite, the bespoke educational product from Etisalat Nigeria, featured eight years old pianist, Joshua Akinotan. His knowledge of music and mastery of the instrument could not be ignored, thus prompting a question about his years of experience playing the instrument. His claim of seven years visibly jolted the host who insisted on a duet with him. Tony’s efforts to perform a duet with him did not end well as he fell off from his seat.

In the Ask the Experts Segment, which focused on Old Technology featuring the trio of Akinwumi and Samuel, both 10 years of age and 11 years old Tiffany, their seeming inability to either identify or connect with the usage of some old appliances like the celluloid camera, stereo box and radio and video cassettes speaks to the evolvement of technology and how the younger generation are becoming victims of lack of historical education.

Seven years old Ireoluwa hugged the headlines in the Panel segment which also featured two other children, nine years old Eyita and Oluwatise, a 10 years old.

Her preference for Nigerian singer, D’banj set the tone for what was to be a hilarious session for the host and audience. Show host, Tony, had asked her which of the music star’s songs was her favourite and went on to suggest the hit track ‘Oliver twist’. This sparked off some debate over ‘Oliver Twist’ being the title of a song or a book. Though the three children had agreed it was the title of a book, Eyita reasonably explained that it was the title of a book as well as a song. The audience appreciated her display of intelligence with rounds of applause.

Ireoluwa’s outspokenness was an electrifying point as she did not hold back her opinion when asked what has been the worst part of being a kid. Oluwatise was not going to spare his mother of perceived unequal treatment she gives him. He accused her of taking care of her needs first before considering his despite having ‘plenty money’.

For Eyita, being the third child out of four children has not been a completely pleasant experience as she risks being bullied by her older siblings. She could only respond with a nod when asked what her experience has been like, but not without some humour. These revelations kept the audience reeling with laughter.

*Photo shows Tony Okungbowa, host, and a cast at kids Say The Dandest Things. 



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