British Airways is accused of sexism after a male worker, 26, claims he was SACKED for wearing hair in a ‘man bun’

Sid Ouared, 26, claims British Airways bosses demanded he cut his locks’ the former Heathrow worker, from London, was told his hair was ‘like a girl’s. He claims he suffered discrimination as women are allowed many hair styles.  BA’s uniform policy says men can only have ponytails with dreadlocks

A British Airways worker has accused the airline of sexism after he was sacked for having a ‘man bun’.

Sid Ouared, 26, claims his contract was terminated after bosses demanded he cut his locks because it breached uniform policy.  The former Heathrow customer service worker said one of his bosses even pulled him aside and told him: ‘Your hair is like a girl’s hair.’

He said: ‘They basically said, ‘cut it, put it in a turban like a Sikh, or turn it into dreadlocks like a Rastafarian’. I am not any of those things and I can’t believe that they would make me wear my hair like something that I am not.’ The Londoner, who had his contract terminated last month after just two weeks in the job, criticised British Airways for being ‘stuck in the 1970s’.

He claims he suffered discrimination for having a hairstyle deemed appropriate for women but unsuitable for men. Mailonline

Pix: British Airways aircraft