British Airways kicks 20 passengers off flight because heat wave made plane too heavy

British Airways booted 20 passengers off one flights from London City Airport – because the hot weather made the plane too heavy. The airline said the blistering 95 degree heat affected the air pressure, meaning aircraft could not take off unless they shed weight.

City airport’s short runway means jets have to take off at a steeper angle than at most other airports. Passengers told of their fury as they were told they wouldn’t be going off on their holidays on the busiest day of the year for air travel.

Travelers were asked to leave 14 flights – but one plane bound for Ibiza saw 20 travelers bumped off shortly before boarding on Friday. The Hopkins families were on their way to visit relatives when they were told that they wouldn’t be allowed on the plane.

Mom of three Mhairi told The Sun Online her daughter Chloe, who suffers from Downs syndrome, had been “counting down the days” to seeing her granny and was heartbroken when they were booted off their flight. Mhairi, her husband Tom, and their kids, Sebastian, 14, Chloe, 12, and ten-year-old Dominic, were jetting out to scatter her father’s ashes on the Balearic island. The 43-year-old fashion buyer from West London said, “We were [lining up] having been told to get to the gate when they asked if anybody wanted to be bumped off the flight.

“Nobody came forward and then they said we’re going to have to pick 14 people because it’s so hot we need to carry more petrol in order to take off. “Then they read out the names of some people and said ‘family Hopkins’. There are five of us, one with special needs, and they didn’t seem to care at all.

“I had to explain to my daughter, who has been counting down the days till going on holiday, that we weren’t going to be going out to see her granny in Ibiza but we were going to have to go to a hotel.

“Then they said we’ll book you on the 11:15am flight from Heathrow tomorrow morning, which we later found out was not guaranteed and that we had to join another queue to get ourselves onto another flight. “At that point I was so furious because my daughter was getting incredibly upset. “I mean it’s not a surprise it’s hot today, it was hot yesterday, and that is what I think everyone was so furious about.

“And to bump off a family with a daughter with special needs and not to care was extraordinary.“They were completely unable to cope with the situation. “I think we got out just before it properly kicked off because more and more flights were being canceled.” The airport said, “London City Airport was affected by the extreme heat which meant, to operate safely, unfortunately passengers needed to be offloaded from 14 British Airways flights. “We’re working with the airline to ensure passengers get to their destination as quickly as possible and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

A BA spokeswoman said, “Like other airlines operating from London City today, British Airways flights were affected by the extreme heat. “Because of the unique nature of the airfield, with a short runway and steep take-off, extreme temperatures affect air pressure so aircraft weight has to be reduced. “This meant regrettably we were forced to offload 20 customers from our Ibiza service.

“We are working with them to provide hotel accommodation and re-book them on flights tomorrow.” Fox News